Orange or Grapefruit Juice 75.00

Green Juice 85.00 celery, pineapple, orange, spinach & lime

Hot or cold chocolate 75.00


Yoghurt with fruit, granola & honey 135.00

Pancakes or French Toast (3) with fruit, butter & honey 135.00

Bagel 170.00 cream cheese, avocado, Smoked salmon, capers, onion & lime

Mexican or Ranch Eggs 120.00 beans and potatoes

Scrambled eggs with dried beef 150.00 beans and potatoes

Scrambled eggs... to choose two ingredients: Ham, bacon, spinach, mushroom or cheese 130.00 beans and potatoes

Omelette....to choose two ingredients: Cheese, mushroom, bacon, spinach, chorizo 140.00

Molletes 110.00 With chorizo 130.00 Toasted baguette with beans and melted cheese

Green or red Chilaquiles 120.00 with chicken and fried egg 145.00 regional cheese, cream, onion and beans

Flank Steak with two fried eggs 240.00 beans and rice

Chicken enchiladas (3) 150.00 with regional cheese, cream, onion, rice & beans