To Start

Smoked fish, shrimp or mixed Anaheim peppers (4)
with red onion, soy sauce and lime $160

Fried calamari cone
with jalapeño dip $145

Onion rings
with chipotle-mayo $95

Tuna Carpaccio (raw)
sesame oil, lemon juice, avocado slices & roasted garlic flakes $170.

Sea Scallop Carpaccio raw)
olive oil, lemon, dijon, cherry tomatoes, red onion, pecan and arugula $185

Octopus Carpaccio
spicy sesame oil, lemon, celery, red onion $180

Beef Carpaccio (raw)
olive oil, lemon, arugula and parmigiano $185

Pickled smoked tuna
cauliflower, cherry potatoes, carrot and jalapeño $185.00

Chicken tacos with avocado (3)

Flank steak tacos with avocado (3)

Flank steak special tacos (3)
With fried pork skin, spanish chistorra sausage, onions and avocado $175

Battered shrimp tacos (3)
baja style with coleslaw $165

Battered fish tacos (3)
baja style with coleslaw $150

“F&G” shrimp tacos (3)
cheese, onion, poblano pepper, maggi juice, celery, cilantro and bacon $185

Quesadillas (3) with avocado
cheese only $90.00

Chicken $120.00

Flank Steak $145.00

Shrimp $165.00


Seafood Cocktails

clamato, orange juice, ketchup, avocado, lime, tomato, red onion, cilantro, maggi sauce, english sauce and serrano chile

Shrimp $190.00

Bay scallop $180.00
Mixed $190.00

Octopus $190.00


Fish (raw) $180.00
Tuna (raw) $180.00
Shrimp (raw) $190.00

Bay Scallop (raw) $180.00
Octopus (cooked) $190.00


Fish (raw) $90.00

Tuna (raw) $90.00

Shrimp (raw) $95.00

Bay Scallop (raw) $90.00

Octopus (cooked) $95.00

lemon, capers, sundried tomato, oregano, garlic chips, dried chile and olive oil
In Love
tomato, mayonnaise, red onion, scallions, soy sauce, chipotle, spicy sesame oil,
avocado and sesame seed
jícama, mango, habanero, lime, red onion and clamato
coconut cream, pineapple, piquin chile, cherry tomato, red onion, parsley, coconut
tomato, red onion, cilantro, clamato, cucumber and serrano chile
lime, maggi juice, english sauce, red onion, cilantro, serrano chile and cucumber


Seafood salad
shrimp, octopus, bay scallop, squid, lime, red onion, celery,
lime and basil dressing $190

Farmer ́s Salad
assorted lettuces, chicken, bacon, red onion, jícama, corn kernel, cherry tomatoes and ranch dressing $180

Greek Salad
lettuce, tomato, green bell pepper, red onion, black olives, feta cheese, olive oil, lime juice and oregano $180


Shrimp Pozole 
White hominy, radish, lime, onions, epazote, guajillo chile, oregano, lettuce and serrano chile $190

Soup of the Day


From the Deep Blue Sea

Fish & Chips with serrano-mayo $215

Octopus with guajillo, garlic, spring onion, mushroom, olive oil & rice $250

Crispy shrimp jumbo taco with fries

In flour tortilla, cheese, lettuce, avocado, mexican sauce,
chipotle-mayo and spicy sesame oil $250

Pasta with shrimp:

white wine, cream garlic, parmesan and parsley $250

*Catch of the day:
a) garlic b) garlic & chile d) cilantro sauce
e) white wine, butter, cherry tomato, basil, capers & lime juice

*Whole fish rubbed with red chile sauce (25-30 min) Market price 600.00 kg
*Shrimp: a) coconut b) tempura c) garlic d) garlic with chile $230

From the Grill

*Chicken Breast $140.00
*Flank Steak 12 oz (350 gr) $215.00
*Flap Meat 16 oz (450 gr) $390.00
*New York 12 oz (350 gr) $370.00
*Filet Mignon 8 oz (240 gr) $280.00
*Short Rib $295.00

*Sides: vegetables 45.00 chistorra 55.00
green salad 40.00 french fries 50.00
asparagus 60.00 rice 35.00
rustic potato with cream, cheese, bacon, chives 90.00

Sauces: pepper with raisins or chimichurri

For the Kids

Chicken fingers with fries $95.00

Breaded fish filet with fries $115.00

Pasta with butter and parmigiano $95.00


Corn sponge cake $95.00

Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice-cream $105.00

Ángeles ́ house caramel custard $95.00

Chocolate brownie with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream $125.00